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    How To Choose A Realtor

    Search for them online.

    There are so many Realtors around that trying to find one to work with can get overwhelming. Once you have one in mind, Google them and look at their online presence. Look at their website. Read their bio, see examples of their work, explore the services that they provide. Is this someone that you can work closely with?

    Check social media.

    If your Realtor isn’t on social media in 2023, what year are they operating a business in? The number of followers isn’t always the most important metric but social media will help to properly market your property. Do you like their content? Is it useful and do others engage with it? How do they market other properties? When your property is showcased on their socials, ¬†will you be happy with that?

    Read reviews.

    Reviews are important. You know the saying, ‘one happy client will tell one friend, one unhappy client will tell everyone’. Check to see if your potential Realtor has some great reviews. You can see some of mine here!

    Vibe check.

    You’re going to be spending a lot of time together and communicating constantly to achieve the best possible result. Can you see yourself enjoying this process with them? This is a business transaction but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, and who doesn’t enjoy shopping with friends?

    Schedule a call or meeting.

    The best way to ensure that you’re ready to move forward with this realtor and see if all of the above steps check out is to meet with them in person. Meeting at their office is a great option or take them up on the offer for a drink at a local coffee shop.